Have another look in a few days. We keep adding to this site as we go along. Jump Rings Jump rings are made of wire rolled round to  form a ring with the two ends butted together.  The ends can be opened usually with the help  of two pairs of pliers so that you can attach  anything you like. These are the two most popular sizes. They are made of steel then nickel plated which is a silver colour  or brass plated which is a gold colour. We sell other sizes materials and finishes please ask 12mm O/D x 1.6mm wire Nickel plated(silver colour) Price = £3.77 per 500 8mm O/D x 1.4 wire Nickel plated (silver colour ) Price = £3.73 per 500 They are sold closed This one has been opened
Jump rings

8mm O/D x 1.4 wire

Brass plated (Gold colour)

Price = £4.48 per 500

12mm O/D x 1.6mm wire

Brass plated(Gold colour)

Price = £4.52 per 500